June Letter to Parents for 2017/2018


June Letter to Parents for 2017/2018

Draft Calendar for 2017/2018


Draft Calendar

TY Parent Teacher Meeting

The TY Parent Teacher meeting is different to other years. It is obviously a great opportunity to find out how your son is getting on in his classes but it can also be used to assist with his subject choices for next year. The individual teachers are the best resource here. They can explain what the Leaving Certificate course entails and how suited to it he is.

Focus should be paid to subjects that he is himming and hawing about. Teachers may be able to give guidance about his interaction and engagement with the class which is a much better metric than cold exam results.

Subjects like lifesaving, karate and first aid won't be represented but the core and choice subjects will be.

As there are some teachers away, they have left individual notes for parents that you can collect at the entrance.

As Paul Butler is travelling with the Students and I am a subject teacher, we won't be able to talk about the overall TY experience for your son. However we would like to invite you to speak to us separately at any stage. Please contact us on ty@stmarys.ie to arrange.

Many thanks

John Nisbet

Trip to Killary Adventure Centre

24th April - 26th April

We will be taking our trip to Co. Galway as usual just after the Easter break for what will be a great experience for the lads.

The basics are that we will leave for Leenane on the Monday morning and return on the Wednesday early evening.

We will transport everyone by bus there and back and they will be well fed. The only money that they need to bring is for the odd bar of chocolate in the evening as there is only a small tuck shop on the site. We will be stopping for a break on the two journeys and the lads sometimes like to buy a snack at these shops.

The cost of the trip is €200 and you can pay by cheque to St. Mary's College. You can also pay by bank transfer - please make sure you use your sons name and Killary as the reference.

IBAN - IE05BOFI90075473525676

Please return the permission forms by Monday 3rd of April.

If you have any questions please contact us at the school number or at ty@stmarys.ie


John & Paul

Killary Adventure Centre Details

Permission Form

Camino Walk

Dear Parents, We are currently planning a TY tour to Spain to complete eight days of the Camino De Santiago. The Camino is a historic pilgrimage that starts in the Pyrenees and finishes in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. People undertake the Camino, or sections of it, for the spiritual experience, the physical challenge, the sense of adventure and the cultural aspects encountered on the way. We believe that any student that undertakes the proposed trip would greatly benefit from all of the above experiences. We also believe that the undertaking of such a journey would enhance any student's sense of independence. We are hoping to travel from the 27th of May until the 6th of June. The boys would engage in eight days of walking, from O Cebreiro to Santiago De Compestela. The students would stay in hostels each night. At the moment the cost of the trip is working out at €700 - €750. This price may be affected by the numbers of students going or by the change in flight fares. This price includes flights, ten nights of accommodation, breakfast and dinner, and a holiday pack and ground assistance. At the moment we are looking to see if there would be enough interest amongst the boys to proceed further with planning this trip. We have set a minimum number of twelve students for the trip to go ahead. If you feel your son would be interested in such a tour please contact me at paulbutler@stmarys.ie. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries concerning the trip. Yours sincerely. Paul Butler and Daire Brennan paulbutler@stmarys.ie dairebrennan@stmarys.ie

Pool Lifeguard Course

April 17th (Easter Monday) - April 21st

The Pool Lifeguard Qualification is a doorway to work in sports camps, hotels and leisure centers.  This intensive course will take place in Swan Leisure and in the classroom in the school.  It is a great accompaniment to the First Aid Certificate that the

The cost is €250 and the students will be expected to work from about 9:30 - 4:30 each day.  All TY students can apply if they are proficient swimmers (100m on their front and backs) and are 16 on the day of the exam - April 21st.  (Students who have not yet done the lifesaving module can still apply if they can prove their swimming proficiency).

The course will be run by our in-house lifesaving instructor Paul Hayes and externally examined by and IWS examiner.  More details about the qualification can be viewed at http://www.iws.ie/lifeguard-awards/national-pool-lifeguard.1233.html

The class size is limited to 12 and is on a first come-first-served basis.  If your son is interested please email ty@stmarys.ie  If there is a lot of interest we can run another course during the summer.

Letter to Parents 13th January

13th January 2017

Dear Parent,

The New Year is upon us and we hope you received your son’s first module report.  The second module finishes up in five weeks and we’d like to bring you up to date with what is happening in TY.  We encourage you to discuss, in detail, all of the fortcoming activities below with your son and get him to show you the Google classroom app which is another way to communicate with the students. An overview of all projects due in Module 2 will be posted to parents next week.

  • Gaisce - students will be completing some of their 13 week activities now.  They must ensure that they have logged all of their hours on the online system - you might ask your son to show you their entries on the system.

  • Rugby - The team has reached the semi-final stage of the competition and is performing very well.

  • Alpha retreat - This is scheduled for January 30th and 31st and will take place in Ovoca Manor for the  Second Group.  The feedback from the first group was overwhelmingly positive.

  • First Aid - The final run of the First Aid course will take place in May and any students who have not completed their First Aid Certificate from the first two modules should seriously consider attending this Friday afternoon activity in May.

  • Lifesaving - We are planning a Pool Lifeguard Course over the Easter break which will qualify the participants to work as Pool Lifeguards in pools and holiday resorts.  It is a very useful qualification and one that can really improve employment opportunities.

  • Build a Bank - Ms. Worth’s Business class launch their Build-A-Bank project next Thursday the 19th, this is a real life Bank supported by AIB that aims to teach the students about that business.  This class is also entering the student enterprise awards.

  • GCSE PE - The students have nearly finished their Personal Exercise Plans and are now looking forward to the external examiners visit after the mid term break.

  • The DELPH Diploma exam that the French classes are currently working on will take place on the 5th of May.

  • The Press Pass articles will be submitted by the end of January.

  • The Second Cookery Module has five places available (as at 13th Jan) and students can sign up from the google classroom for a start date of the 24th of January.

  • Second Work experience (Week after midterm) details are due into Mr. Kelleher on Monday - Please make sure your son has submitted these details, he has been supplied with a form for doing so.

As you can see it is a very busy few weeks and we would encourage students what have not been active in the optional activities to join in.  At this, the halfway mark, it is not too late to make sure the TY experience is as full as possible.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know - ty@stmarys.ie

Paul Butler and John Nisbet

German Exchange Parents' info
We have a number of additional places on our German exchange programme with NDK (a school near Cologne in Germany).  The exchange comprises a fortnight in Germany and a fortnight hosting the German student in Ireland.  The first group of Germans arrive on the 28th of January.  If you and your son are interested in participating please email ty@stmarys.ie as soon as possible.

The dates:
German Group 1 in Ireland - Sat Jan 28 till Sun Feb 12
German Group 2 in Ireland - Sun April 23 till May 7

Irish Group 1 in Germany - March 1st - 14th
Irish Group 2 in Germany - First two weeks in June

The dates have been selected to minimise the amount of class missed.  Please feel free to contact me on 0872892528 if you have any questions.  This is an exceptionally worthwhile and low cost exchange option and is of great benefit to the students.

Running order for the next few days.
Friday 9th - Classes and afternoon activities as normal. First Aid will be in Mr. Duffy's Room at 1:15, Karate will be in the study hall at 1:30 and the GAA group will be doing a session of Yoga with Mr. Stewart in Mr. Fitzsimons Room at 1:30.

Monday 12th - Aptitude tests in Mr. Duffy's and Mr. Fitzsimon's Room - Bring Pencil, Rubber and sharpener. GCSE PE in Study hall - bring everything that you need for the PEP work.

Tuesday 13th - Same again as groups swap over.

Wednesday 14th - Day off

Thursday 15th - 8:45 start - Mixture of activities with voluntary work in the afternoon

Friday 16th - 8:45 start - Mixture of activities with Friday afternoon activities at 11:30

Sign up Sheet for
-Press Pass
- Young Social Innovators

Trip to Glendalough 2016

Documents supporting the trip on the 9th September

Trip info

Permission Form

Killary Trip 2016
26th - 28th April
Be in the School Study Hall at 8:15am

Permission form

End of Module 2

Dear Parent,

After this Friday, the next time we will see the TY students is the very end of February.  They will be on Mid-Term and Work experience until then.

This Friday also sees the end of Module 2 which means a large number of projects and end of module pieces of work for almost all subjects.  There are also a couple of pieces of house keeping.

  • If your son would like to participate in the UCD psychology study, please sign and return the consent form.

  • If your son has done Safety 3 in Lifesaving and is over 16 there is the opportunity for him to do a pool lifeguard course over the first week of the Easter Holidays (cost €250) email ty@stmarys.ie if interested.

  • If your son has not sent in the details for Work Experience it is essential that it is done immediately.

We have spoken to the students and asked them to push themselves a little harder.  It is clear that they have more to give in terms of the quality of and energy behind the work they are doing.  This is true for the assignments and other school work but it is also true for their work experience.  We reminded them that they have an opportunity to show off what they are capable off during this week.  They have an opportunity to fill their CV with good references and really useful experiences.  They also have the opportunity to see whether a particular career is for them or not.

We would be very grateful if you could reinforce this message to your sons.

There will be many chances for the lads to work hard in Module 3, they will be going on their trip to Killary, many of them will be preparing to go to Ghana.  They will have another set of academic challenges and goals to accomplish.  When they come back we will be setting the bar a bit higher and expect that they will do the usual and raise their work rate to meet it.

Many thanks for your continued support.  As always if you have any questions or comments please email ty@stmarys.ie

Darren Duffy and John Nisbet

4th Year Aptitude Test

The 4th year aptitude tests will take place on Monday 14th December or Tuesday 15th December – see list of names https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-JRZe64GWse_mPhcraJDUWWpsi_wesPIBYHxcc3STH8/edit?usp=sharing

The aptitude tests will start at 8.45 a.m. and finish at approximately 2.30 p.m.

Students should bring a pencil (HB) and rubber. No calculators allowed.

There will be eight different tests ranging in time from 10 minutes to 25 minutes. Breaks will be provided.

There is no need to prepare or study prior to these tests; indeed it is not possible to do so. Moreover, if students practice using other tests that you might have access to, a false  - and invalid - result can be obtained.

As each test is strictly timed, the need to go to the toilet can reduce the amount of time a student spends at each test. It is preferable not to need to go to the toilet during a test.  Therefore, each student should go to the toilet before the tests start and during each break. If a student needs to go to the toilet during a test, time cannot be added on.

At the start of each session instructions are given regarding the entire set of tests. If a student is late, the instructions cannot be repeated as this would disturb the other students. Also, the timing of each test for a latecomer would be out of sync with the other students. If this happens with more than one student it is impossible to keeps the times. 

Therefore, if your son is late on the Monday he should not attend that session, and instead attend the Tuesday session.  Those late on Tuesday can be accommodated next year when the next group are sitting the test.  Please, please, please, ensure your son is on time

Please note a 3rd session cannot be arranged for those who might not be available for any of the two sessions. These students are welcome to attend next year’s session when the next group are sitting the test. 

What will the results tell us? The aptitude tests give results in Maths, and English. Most students know, without sitting the test, how comfortable they are in these areas. However, there are other specialised aptitudes skills that the aptitude test measures. Examples of these are,  mechanical reasoning and spatial vision that students may not be aware of. The aptitude tests bring these to light. However, these results are only relevant if the student is interested in these areas. If he is not, the results are not relevant. The aptitude scores are really only relevant for about 15% of the students. However, the 15% is not known until the results are returned. These 15% may show, (i) extreme scores at the top and bottom end, and/or (ii) a specialist aptitudes as mentioned above.  Using aptitude scores only to select Leaving Certificate subjects should be avoided. It is necessary to include other criteria which cannot be measured by a test. These are being discussed in 4th year classes – since September – and will continue throughout the year. These other criteria will be discussed at the 4th year parents’ night on Monday the 18th April. Subjects for the Leaving Certificate do not have to be selected until late May.

Mid-Term Break and Work Experience

The TY Students will be away from class for two weeks now.  These two weeks present an invaluable opportunity to work on Gaisce and classroom projects.  One area that has proven very popular is the F1 in schools competition.  If they are involved in this they have a huge amount of work to do over the next two weeks - this is detailed below.  Similarly the Young Social innovators groups have quite a bit to do to get their projects up and running.  Advice and assistance is always available through ty@stmarys.ie.

Gaisce: Students should make sure they have all of their diary entries up to date and if their activities need to be changed, email the changes to ty@stmarys.ie as soon as possible.

Instructions to TY Formula 1 teams between for the midterm and work experience week

The deadline for team registration is the 27th November

A lot of work needs to be done before that.  The key part is the 5 page plan.

Look at examples here: http://www.f1inschools.ie/resources.php

What you need

Page 1

Team Name

Team logo

Team colours

Team Members Names and Profiles

Page 2

Marketing and Branding

Page 3

Research and Analysis

Page 4

Development and Testing

Page 5

Resources and Planning

The computer modelling training will be done in the school on the week beginning November 9th.  Other questions that crop up over the next two weeks should be sent immediately to ty@stmarys.ie and they will be answered.  You are not on your own on this one but the inital work must be done by the time we come back from Work Experience.

A first draft of the 5 page plan must be brought in on November 10th.  Teachers will then work with the teams to polish up the plans to make them competition winners!



Junior Cert Results Day Letter

Scannable Document on 7 Sep 2015 15_43_32.pdf

Cookery Module 1 & 2

Cookery 2015 2016

4th and 5th September 2015
Glendalough Hike

A major part of the Gaisce programme.

Overnight trip form

Details and contact info

Expressions of interest form for Cookery